Brown Carter (1906-1989)


Brown Carter was the baritone singer for the Dixie Four and later the Stamps-Baxter Dixie Quartet until they disbanded soon after the beginning of World War II.

In 1943 he married and moved to Corinth, Mississippi, which was the hometown of his wife. There he went into the restaurant business and later worked as a salesman in a local appliance store.

In 1946 he organized and sang baritone for the Southland Quartet in Corinth. They were on Corinth’s first radio station, WCMA, beginning on the station's first day on the air. Although the members maintained other jobs, they sang each weekday on radio and traveled to singing engagements on weekends. The quartet lasted into the early 1950s.

For many years he continued to sing on area radio stations. His last group was the Gospelaires, for which he sang lead.

Brown Carter loved the Stamps-Baxter songs and the singing style. Until near the end of his life, he continued sharing this music at local engagements by singing solo while using sound tracks and a small player/amplifier.

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