Don Mooney began his gospel music career as the pianist for the Melody Men Quartet, with Jim Hamill, in St. Joseph, Missouri in December, 1955. He stayed with them for about one and one half years. He moved on to The Watchmen Quartet, also with Jim Hamill, in Des Moines, Iowa. In the summer of 1958 he joined the All American Quartet in Quincy, Illinois, and he left in the summer of 1959 to join the Lindsey Brothers Quartet in Camden, Arkansas. He remained with the Lindsey Brothers for around six years. He left the Lindsey Brothers to join the Venable Quartet in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. In 1968 he left to join Gerald Williams and the Melody Boys Quartet in Little Rock and remained with them for one year. In 1970, Don began a career in church music, and he retired in 2002. From 1992-2002 he also maintained a part-time singing group.

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