"It Won't Rain Always" (William J Gaither/Gloria Gaither/Aaron Wilburn/Gaither Music Company/Prime Time Music/ASCAP/1980)

  • Gaither Homecoming Series (1995 The Sweetest Song I Know; 1996 Sing Your Blues Away; 1997 Best Of Homecoming Volume 1; 1997 Special Homecoming Moments; 2002 God Bless America; 2002 Best of Homecoming 2002; 2003 Gaither Homecoming Classics Vol. 2; 2009 Nashville Homecoming)
  • Gaither Vocal Band (1981 The New Gaither Vocal Band; 1989 Best From The Beginning; 1999 Classic Moments From The Gaither Vocal Band Volume One)
  • Janet Paschal (2002 This Is Janet; 2007 Greatest Hits Of Janet Paschal; 2007 The Best of Janet Paschal)
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