Dan Keeton (2002-200?)
Chad Riley (200?-200?)
Nathaniel Justice (200?-present

Jym Howe (200?-present)

Ed Crawford (2002-200?)
Jimmy Reno (200?-200?; 200?-present)

Chip Cooper (2002-200?)
Joe Armstrong (200?-2012; 2018-present)
Ray Woconish (2012-2018)


Mark209 (AKA Ed Crawford & The Mystery Men) (2002-present)

In 2002, Ed Crawford & The Mystery Men were introduced through a series of ads featuring silhouettes and vague descriptions of each member's past accomplishments. They traveled for several years billed as Ed Crawford & The Mystery Men.

The group name was changed to Mark209 after the departure of Crawford. Members at the time of the name change included Nathaniel Justice (tenor), Jym Howe (lead), Jimmy Reno (baritone), and Joe Armstrong (bass). Armstrong left to join Charlie Waller's Florida Boys in 2012 and was replaced by Ray Woconish. In 2018, Armstrong returned to the group.


2010 Blue Collar Gospel (Music City Music Group/21910): The Blood Of One Man; The Book Of Life; Get Up In Jesus Name; The Tree; He's Already On The Phone; Daddy; Count Me In; Who Prayed For Me; That's How Jesus Sees Me; Tougher Than Nails; Wine Into Water; My Home In Heaven (Chad Riley, Jym Howe, Ed Crawford, Joe Armstrong).

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