Salton Brothers (1958)


Bill Salton (1957-1963)
Glen Rutledge (1963-1964)

Doug Salton (1957-1964)

Don Salton (1957-1964)

Paul Cook (1964)

Lorne Matthews (1962-1964)

Salton Brothers (1957-1964)


The Salton Brothers were a London, Ontario based group that sang full-time from 1957 to 1964, and part-time before and after those years. They began in a trio format and later transitioned to a quartet. In order to pay the bills, the group toured mostly in the United States, appearing with popular groups of the day including the Statesmen, LeFevres, and the Couriers. The group ultimately decided to retire due to the extensive travel requirements.

The core members of the group were brothers Doug Salton (lead), Don Salton (baritone), and Bill Salton (tenor). Lorne Matthews, who later played for the Cathedral Quartet, was the pianist for the Salton Brothers. Paul Cook was the group's bass singer once they converted to a quartet. Bill Salton left the group in 1963 and was replaced by Glen Rutledge. In more recent years, Rutledge and Lorne Matthews have appeared on a Florida-based television show called Really Good Medicine. The program is hosted by David Mainse.

The Salton Brothers made four recordings and had their own television show in London, Ontario which was also seen nationwide on CBC-TV (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

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